Jual GPS geodetic Horizon Cronoss C3 bergaransi 12 bulan

 Survay & Pemetaan / Posting 3 minggu lalu oleh irfan Arifyanto / 5 dilihat

Rp. 157.000.000,00


Compact, streamlined case design, fits in the palm with ease.
One of the lightest receivers in the market today, weighing at only 890g.
Utilitises the BD930 main board for high precision and accuracy, as well as new
generation processing speed and capability.
Versatile user defined frequency, selectable within 410-470MHz
Wi-Fi Module with AP function. Up to 100 meter working range.
16 GB internal memory for data logging.
Powerful Bluetooth integration, expandable to multiple modules.
PC and mobile version web interfaces enable access to Kronos C3 via Wi-Fi.
Web interface to record static raw data via Wi-Fi hotspot.
IK08, resistant to 3 meter drops on concrete ground surfaces.
Convenient update or patching via USB and Wi-Fi.
Cloud Service: Intelligent upgrades, diagnoses and data sharing.
E-Bubble Function.
Water and Dust Protection : IP67

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