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Longer battery powering duration
Longer battery powering durations using alkaline batteries. Continuous angle measurement for 150 hours (DT-213). Laser continuous angle measurement for 45 hours.
Absolute encoder is used
Detection of 0° position is no longer needed. Stable, high-accuracy measurement.
Laser pointer
The laser pointer is injected in collimation direction by simply operating one switch. Workers can perform work without guidance by observation personnel.
Excellent waterproof structure
The theodolite body is guarded against a sudden torrential rain and dirt. The theodolite can be used reliably at work sites under severe conditions.
JIS C 0920 protection class IP66 (Dustproof and waterproof types)

Model DT-205L DT-207L DT-209L
Telescope Length 152mm 152mm 152mm
Objective lens 45mm 45mm 40mm
Magnification 30x 30x 26x
Field of view 1°30′ 1°30′ 1°30′
Resolving power 2.5” 2.5” 3”
Minimum focus 1m 1m 1m
Stadia ratio 100 100 100
Stadia constant 0 0 0
Sighting collimator Double Double Double
Electronic Angle Measurement Method Absolute Reading Absolute Reading Absolute Reading
Detecting Horizontal: 2 sides Horizontal: 2 sides Horizontal: 1 side
Vertical: 1 side Vertical: 1 side Vertical: 1 side
Miimum Reading 1”/5” 5”/10” 10”/20”
0.2mgon/ 1mgon 1mgon/ 2mgon 2mgon/ 5mgon
Accuracy 5” 7” 9”
Diameter Circle 71mm 71mm 71mm
Laser Pointer Method Focusing Focusing Focusing
Wave length/ Power 633nm/ 0.6mW 633nm/ 0.6mW 633nm/ 0.6mW
Laser Class Class 2 Class 2 Class 2
Display Unit 2 sides 2 sides 1 side
LCD 7segments LCD 7segments LCD 7segments
Data Output Serial signal connector ●
(RC-232C) – –
Illumination Display ● ● ●
Reticle ● ● –
Compensator Tilt sensor ●
(Vertical) – –
Compensating range ±3′ – –
Optical Plumment Telescope Magnification 3x 3x 3x
Field of view 3° 3° 3°
Focusing 0.5m to ∞ 0.5m to ∞ 0.5m to ∞
Level Sensitivity Plate level 40”/2mm 40”/2mm 60”/2mm
Circular level 10”/2mm 10”/2mm 10”/2mm
Water Protection Standard IP66 IP66 IP66
Power Supply Battery 4AA batteries 4AA batteries 4AA batteries
Operating time (Alk.) Theodlite only 140h 150h 170h
Lasor only 80h 80h 80h
Theodlite and Lasor 45h 45h 45h
Operating Temp. -20℃ to + 50℃ -20℃ to + 50℃ -20℃ to + 50℃
Weight 4.2kg 4.2kg 3.6kg
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